EMLG - JMLG annual meeting 2013

9 - 13 September 2013, University of Lille 1, France

Global Perspectives on the Structure and Dynamics of Liquids and Mixtures: Experiment and Simulation


The microscopic structure of liquids and mixtures is paramount in understanding the macroscopic properties of these systems. Considering that most chemical reactions occur in the liquid state, quantifying interactions in liquids is essential. However, the complex interplay between species in the liquid state is a significant challenge even in simple molecular solvents. What are the local environments of the individual species? What are the main interactions between them? For example, associative processes (aggregation, self-association) play an important role in both creating new composite materials (polymer solutions) and in biological processes taking place at the molecular scale. The complexity of studying these processes is associated with the fact that these aggregates are labile and are strongly dependent on the local environment and thermodynamic conditions (mixture composition, temperature, pressure). The question concerning the structure of these domains is still being discussed. Experimentally, several techniques have begun to answer these questions and provide valuable information concerning the dynamics and molecular interactions that occur in the liquid state. Nevertheless, combined with theoretical insights, a detailed and useful picture of the microscopic structure in these systems may be drawn.

In order to achieve these goals, the conference program consists in lectures presented by key speakers who will review the current state-of-the-art of their respective fields, by participants’ talks on the main frontier achievements, posters with outlines that will help the audience in further discussions, extended discussions and informal and friendly debates— We believe that these, that will benefit all participants, intensive exchanges will lead to novel ideas and the formulation of new concepts in different, and more advanced directions in the analysis of the structure and dynamics of pure liquids, mixtures, glassy systems, ionic liquids, clathrate hydrates formation from liquid water, ionic liquid phases and in biological systems.

By all accounts, this conference will definitely be an outstanding scientific event that will foster long-range future contacts and will create scientific collaborations that will benefit all participants, inspire new ideas, and spark further theoretical and experimental efforts in the study of the structure and dynamics of liquids, mixtures, glassy systems, clathrate hydrates formation from liquid water, ionic liquid phases and in biological systems.