EMLG - JMLG annual meeting 2013

9 - 13 September 2013, University of Lille 1, France

Global Perspectives on the Structure and Dynamics of Liquids and Mixtures: Experiment and Simulation

Invited speakers

Frédéric AFFOUARD (France)

Stability of lyophilized proteins and residual water: insights from simulations

Arieh BEN NAÏM (Israel)

A Kirkwood-Buff approach to protein folding and self assembly of proteins

Roland BÖHMER (Germany)

Dynamics in glass forming hydrogen-bonded liquids, 100 years after Debye’s model

Guillaume FERLAT (France)

MD-XAS studies of supercritical aqueous solutions

Leonardo GUIDONI (Italy)

Spectroscopic and structural properties of solutions from ab initio molecular dynamics

Michael KISELEV (Russia)

The structure features of solvent near the critical isotherm

Yoshikata KOGA (Canada)

Two-dimensional characterization of the effect of solute on H2O: A thermodynamic probing methodology

Steve MEECH (UK)

Ultrafast optical Kerr effect studies of solutions

Kia NGAI (Italy)

Remarkable universal properties of relaxation and diffusion in interacting systems

Marco PAOLANTONI (Italy)

Molecular properties of aqueous solutions of biorelevant molecules by light scattering experiments and molecular dynamics simulations

Amadeu K. SUM (USA)

A different look at the molecular structure of clathrate hydrates

Toshiyuki TAKAMUKU (Japan)

Meso- and microscopic behavior of ionic liquids in molecular liquids

Thierry TASSAING (France)

The ionic liquids catalysed conversion of CO2 to cyclic carbonates: A molecular level understanding of the reaction mechanism combining in situ spectroscopy and molecular modeling

Alessandro TRIOLO (Italy)

Mesoscopic organization in ionic liquids

Rodolphe VUILLEUMIER (France)

Liquids and solutions of geochemical interests studied by first-principle molecular dynamics

Toshio YAMAGUCHI (Japan)

Structure and dynamcis of liquids in hydrophilic to hydrophobic mesopores

Jean-Marc ZANOTTI (France)

Evidences for coexisting distinct phases in interfacial water